Captures & Videos

Hey guys, I’ve added the following:

115 x The Early Show – 7/9/07 (Download, YouTube)
488 x TRL – 7/10/07 (Download)
219 x Fox & Friends – 7/10/07 (Download, YouTube)
199 x The Big Ten – 7/10/07 (Download, YouTube)

Pictures of Aly on TRL

We’ve added pictures of Alyson on TRL to the gallery, she looks very pretty as usual. Audrey will be adding captures and videos of everything really soon.

CW11 Morning News

We’ve added captures & pictures of Alyson on the CW11 Morning News. I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube & you can download it here. Captures & video from The Early Show will be up tomorrow. Don’t forget to watch the girls on TRL tomorrow. And don’t forget to pick up their CD & the Sweet 16 DVD.