Changes on the Way…

It’s ridiculous how long this site has gone without any updates. But I’m going to be working hard on making new layouts, adding new pictures, & opening a few new exciting features for the site. So please stay tuned! Thanks for continuing to visit.

Alyson Turns 19!!

Happy Birthday to Alyson!! She turns 19 today!

I know we haven’t updated in forever, and we apologize for that. I’m not going to give you any excuses as to why other than that we have both been concentrating on our offline lives… we will be making updates soon however.

New Layout + Like Whoa Photoshoot

I put up a new layout and I hope you like it! And added pictures from the “Like Whoa” photshoot to the gallery – credit to

“XX” Tokyo Screening

I really did mean to get halfway caught up but something came up, sorry. I guess I’ll just have to do baby steps. Anyway, I’ve added pictures of Alyson at the “XX” Tokyo Screening.

Seventeen Jewelry Collection Launch Party

Hey. I’ve added some new pictures of Alyson attending the “Seventeen Jewelry Collection Launch Party” from the 15th of this month.

Updates this weekend

I promise you that we will get at least halfway caught up this weekend. Audrey has been busy with work and life and I’ve been busy with school, work, and I was in a play recently. I feel just awful about neglecting this site so much. I will set aside time to start working on the site again. I haven’t been on the internet much lately and in my spare time I usually read or spend time with friends. We are sorry and I will be updating this weekend and I actually mean it this time lol.

New Layout

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated. Sorry. I put up a new layout, so I hope everyone likes it… the other one had been up for too long. A few weeks ago we added pictures of Alyson attending the “Ratatouille” UK Premiere. More updates to come..