Sorry for no updates. I didn’t have internet access for a while. I now have internet and I’ll get an update together soon, I promise. I know that there’s lots of new stuff to add. =)

T-Mobile Sidekick LX Party

I’ve added pictures of Alyson at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Party. I’ll probably add some more later. Sorry for not updating.. I just haven’t had the time lately.

New Candids & More POTF

Sorry, it’s a been a little while since my last update. Last week I added captures from POTF episode “1×03 Meet the Curtis” that I re-captured, you can watch the video here. I also put a new gallery layout like last week.. I hope you all like it =)

I know we are incredibly behind on gallery updates, but here are some new candids for you from this month. Added candids of Aly & AJ Signing Autographs At Airport in LA on June 6th & Arriving in LA on June 10th. More updates to come..

POTF 1×02 Unification Day

I’ve re-captured Phil of the Future episode 1×02 Unification Day. I’ve also uploaded the video of it.

New Site Layout

If you came to the site earlier today and it wasn’t working this is why. I took the site offline for a bit so I can put up the new layout & install wordpress. I’m still working on moving all the old updates over to wordpress. I hope everyone likes the new layout.. it’s a little bit of different look for the site. I’ll be making another gallery layout soon because I don’t like the one that’s up now. Anyway, check back for more updates. I hope everyone is enjoying the new video archive. Oh and you can comment on the updates again. =)

Streaming Videos

I’d like to introduce you all to our new Streaming Videos Archive! Instead of taking time to download videos, you can just play them right on your computer like youtube. So click on the image below to start watching Aly videos! More will be added.

I’ll be uploading POTF episodes too, 1×01 Your Cheatin’ Heart is already added.

New Gallery Layout & Potf Caps

I’ve put a new layout up @ the gallery. I hope you all like it.. it’s been forever since we’ve had a new gallery layout. Also, I’m working on re-capping all the POTF episodes that are crappy quality in the gallery. So, I’ve started with episode 1×01 Your Cheatin’ Heart.

Stick with me.. more updates will be coming..