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New Candids & More POTF

Sorry, it’s a been a little while since my last update. Last week I added captures from POTF episode “1×03 Meet the Curtis” that I re-captured, you can watch the video here. I also put a new gallery layout like last week.. I hope you all like it =)

I know we are incredibly behind on gallery updates, but here are some new candids for you from this month. Added candids of Aly & AJ Signing Autographs At Airport in LA on June 6th & Arriving in LA on June 10th. More updates to come..

POTF 1×02 Unification Day

I’ve re-captured Phil of the Future episode 1×02 Unification Day. I’ve also uploaded the video of it.

Super Sweet 16 DVD

We’ve added captures of the Super Sweet 16: The Movie DVD. We added captures from the Menu Screens, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes and of course the Movie. I also made new a Forum layout using the pictures from the Menu Screens.