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Bandslam Pushed Back!

Apparently Bandslam’s release has been pushed back from July 31st to August 14th. also has the release date listed as limited, which means it probably won’t be in many theaters unless it does real well. =(

“Bandslam” Interview with Alyson

New Candids & More POTF

Sorry, it’s a been a little while since my last update. Last week I added captures from POTF episode “1×03 Meet the Curtis” that I re-captured, you can watch the video here. I also put a new gallery layout like last week.. I hope you all like it =)

I know we are incredibly behind on gallery updates, but here are some new candids for you from this month. Added candids of Aly & AJ Signing Autographs At Airport in LA on June 6th & Arriving in LA on June 10th. More updates to come..

POTF 1×02 Unification Day

I’ve re-captured Phil of the Future episode 1×02 Unification Day. I’ve also uploaded the video of it.

Super Sweet 16 DVD

We’ve added captures of the Super Sweet 16: The Movie DVD. We added captures from the Menu Screens, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes and of course the Movie. I also made new a Forum layout using the pictures from the Menu Screens.