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Videos: “iZombie” Comic-Con Panel & Interviews

Aly was recently at the San Diego Comic-Con for “iZombie”. Check out the panel and interviews below! Be sure to click on more to see more videos. This post will be updated if anymore interviews/videos become available.

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“iZombie” 2×18 “Dead Beat” / 2×19 “Salivation Army” Finale Promo

Next week there will be a 2 hour finale of “iZombie” on the CW. Check out the preview below:

WonderCon 2016 Interviews

Check out four more interviews with Aly at WonderCon: Continue reading WonderCon 2016 Interviews

HitFix Interview

Check out another interview with Aly for “iZombie”!

“Two and a Half Men” 11×11 Tazed in the Lady Nuts: Video

Hello, the video of Aly’s scenes from the newest episode of “Two and a Half Men” is uploaded, watch it below:

Two and a Half Men: Screen Captures, Video, + New Stills

Hi, sorry for taking a few days to get these up..we ran out of space at that site. Anyway, we’ve added screen captures of Aly in Two and a Half Men episode 11×10 On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer! I also made a video of it that you can watch at this link, or at the bottom of this update. And we added stills from Aly’s next episode 11×11 Tazed in the Lady Nuts that will air on January 2nd, thanks to Kaci for the stills! Previews, gallery links, and video are below:

11x10_On_Vodka_On_Soda_On_Blender_On_Mixer_0013.jpg 11x10_On_Vodka_On_Soda_On_Blender_On_Mixer_0055.jpg 11x10_On_Vodka_On_Soda_On_Blender_On_Mixer_0151.jpg 11x10_On_Vodka_On_Soda_On_Blender_On_Mixer_0168.jpg 001.jpg 005.jpg

Gallery Links:
185 x Two and a Half Men > Screen Captures > 11×10 On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!
005 x Two and a Half Men > Episode Stills / On the Set > 11×11 Tazed in the Lady Nuts

78Violet Live: Watch Aly & AJ’s Tastemakers Performance

The sisters known simply by their first names — Aly and AJ — have grown far beyond being the adolescent pop starlets that fans first came to know. After last month announcing a name change — 78Violet — to fit their more mature musical sensibilities, the twenty-something duo did a Billboard Tastemakers session on Mophonics Studio’s Manhattan rooftop to perform brand new single, “Hothouse” and another new track, “Boy” and to talk about their new sound, natural style, and film careers.

Aly Michalka says the ethereal, wistful “Hothouse,” is particularly special, “because we wrote it with a dear friend of ours who we’ve been co-writing a lot with over the past couple years, Mike Einziger from Incubus.”

Aly says the song is also an indication of the more mature music to come on the pair’s upcoming album. They are “just really finding who our sound is now as older, adult artists instead of just young teenagers,” she says. “I think that our life experience was definitely a huge part of making the full album.”

Coming six years after launching their careers as Aly & AJ with 2007 debut album “Into the Rush” and Hot 100 charting singles “Chemicals React” and “Rush,” 78Violet has not only been busy recording new music, they’ve also been performing live and the reaction to the new material has been instantly positive, says AJ Michalka. At a recent New York show the day after ‘Hothouse’ was released, “people already knew the lyrics… It was really, actually emotional for Aly and I because I look out at the audience and this is what we’re doing it for. It’s for them. And to see that response back is overwhelming. It’s incredible.” Continue reading 78Violet Live: Watch Aly & AJ’s Tastemakers Performance