Alyson on her fairies:

“I have a collection of about 30 fairies in my room. They’re really quirky and cute and I love them. I think if I could, I’d be part fairy because of my style and the way I look.”

Alyson on journal entries:

“I used to write long entries when i was younger, but now I just doodle and stuff.”

Alyson on what to do if caught spreading a rumor:

“The smart thing would be to not spread rumors. Just fess up to it and apologize. Explain why you started the rumor and ask for forgiveness.”

Alyson on how to get kids to stop bullying you:

“Stick up for yourself, but without becoming a bully in the process. Try not to hang out in situations where that bully is. Chill with friends that really care about you, and they’ll help you out!”

Alyson on how to move on after a crush rejects you:

“There’s somebody out there who’s meant for you, and this guy just isn’t him. Think of the positive things rather than the negative stuff that happened.”

Alyson on “My Super Sweet 16: The Movie”:

“This movie is a twist on the show. Obviously they’re planning their sweet 16, but I think that there is also some heart to the film, which I think is really cool. It does involve charity work and I think that is really important as a celebrity and just as a person to somehow get involved with just helping out your fellow human being.”

Alyson on her character in “My Super Sweet 16: The Movie”:

“Taylor is the most popular girl at school. She is completely differen’t from any other character I’ve ever played just because she is so aggressive and gets what she wants. She even changed her last name to ‘Tiara’ when she was in the ninth grade because she wanted a much more famous sounding name!”

Alyson on her character on “Phil of the Future”:

“Keely has such a love for life. She’s such a nice person and she loves people. She loves helping Phil with all of his problems and she’s always had his back whenever he needs her. She’s a very fun person and she’s the best friend that you could ever wish for. I do share a lot of characteristics with her. She doesn’t really worry about life and neither do I. She just kind of lets things happen. Her fashion sense is similar to mine, but I don’t wear quite as bright colors like she does”

Alyson on her character in “Now You See It…”:

“She’s real energetic and in-your-face. We’re going to do this, we’re going to do that.”

Alyson on evacuating from the “Now You See It…” set in Louisiana:

“We had to get packed up really quick, literally in an hour. It was a crazy adventure. It was a good experience and a bad experience.”

Alyson on the best part of being in a sister team:

“We play off each other’s strengths. We never force our song writing. It’s always inspired by something that happened to us or one of our friends. It just kind of happens…which is nice because it comes from a totally pure place.”

Alyson on what her parents think of having 2 famous daughters:

“Our parents keep us in line and down-to-earth. We have our own convictions and morals, which AJ and I are very commited to. There’s no reason to stray from those beliefs. We get our strength from having each other to lean on.”

Alyson on doing singing and acting:

“When you’re an actor, you get to be somebody else, to create a character from the ground up, which is cool. But music is in our heart, our soul, and our roots. It’s who we really are. The emotions are all right on the surface.”

Alyson on dating:

“Watch his body language–how he talks to you or if he puts his arm on your shoulder.”

Alyson on her first kiss:

“My first kiss was on a pier overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica. It was very sweet and romantic.”

Alyson on her celebrity crush:

“Ian Somerhalder, who was on Lost. I think he’s really good-looking!”

Alyson on her and AJ:

“We can be very different, but we’re similar in many ways, too. The whole blood harmony thing comes naturally to us. There is an amazing connection when you’re sisters, a real chemistry.”

Other random Alyson quotes:

“It’s fun to experiment with beauty products!”

“So many people want to know if our hands cramp up when we sign autographs.”

“I always dream about my teeth falling out or chpping my tooth.”

“We pranked the Jonas Brothers on tour. We’d put stuff on the stage next to their pedal boards and all their footswitches, like sprinkle it with marshmallows! The audience never knew — it was very inside prankage!”

“I’m always the crazy one at parties who will do silly stuff! I’ve eaten like five lemon wedges and then I had to drink a cup of sugar!”

“I always condition my hair.”

“I always draw and pin stuff on my shirts, cut off jeans and rip up things. I’ve always been into fashion and I want to do my own line someday.”

“I always do the stuff no one thinks I’m gonna do. One time, it was freezing cold outisde, and my friends dared me to go outside and run around in my bra and underwear.”

“My room is very peaceful. It’s very moody, kind of medieval. It looks vintage. It’s very much a sanctuary for me to hang out in when I’m finished at the end of the day!”

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